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Spa Du Lys

15152 Bellaire Blvd, Houston TX 77083

Spa Du Lys

Wax Services:

Waxing and tweezing may cause individual sensitivities, even in clients with no prior history of sensitivities. If you have experienced sensitivity to scented cosmetics formulations, tea tree oil, topical treatments pr previous waxing services, inform your technician immediately.

Prior to Waxing Treatment:

*Avoid waxing and sun exposure 72 hours prior to your treatment

*Consult your physician if you are using, or have recently used, a topical or oral medication.

*Stop using certain products and medications that may sensitize your skin to this treatment five days prior to your service.Examples of such products include: Retin-A, Avita, certain antibiotics, topical/oral steroids, tretinoin or isotretinoin products, certain over-the-counter acne products, retinol and acid-based products.

Post Treatment:

*Avoid sun exposure for at lease 72 hours after tweezing and waxing.

*Avoid abrasive products and exfoliants on the waxed or tweezed area.

* avoid saunas, steam rooms or other similar heat sources for at least 72 hours.

*Avoid application of retinol, acid-based products, prescribed topicals and certain over-the -counter acne medications for five days after your wax.